"I thank God for bringing me and my children to be part of The Lighthouse Church. The message of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior is being preached without compromise!"
"I once was a thief. I was abusive. Now, I am saved through Jesus's blood, and I am a believer."
"I was addicted, scared, bound, defeated, and hopeless. But, now I am a radical believer of Jesus Christ, baptized in the Holy Ghost and heaven-bound."
"I once was a witch, lost in the darkness of the lie of paganism, but now I am redeemed by the blood of the Lamb!"
"I was a $1,000/day cocaine addict living in a crackhouse. Today, I am a successful business owner. I'm celebrating 21 years of marriage and am born again!"
"There was a time that I loved men the wrong way. But, now I am a lover of all people the right way with God's love."
"For a time, I wasted my life as a drug addict. Then I became a Christian, and now God leads my life. I am clean and sober."
"I once was lost and unsure of my salvation, but now I am found. I know who I am and whose I am. Praise God for The Lighthouse."
"I was tormented by depression and social anxiety disorder, but I was healed in 2003. I've never been the same!"
"In my past, I was an atheist. But, now I am saved by Jesus's blood that was shed for me!"
"I was very sick and confused, but praise God, He healed my stomach. Now, I am a soldier of the Lord."
"I was into alcohol, drugs, black magic, and pleasures of the flesh. But, Jesus took all of that and gave me righteousness."
"When you enter the doors, you can feel God's love. I love The Lighthouse Church family."
"Home is where the heart is, and that's The Lighthouse!"
"The Lighthouse is an awesome place to worship! Daddy God promises to inhabit our praises, and He is there!"